Friday, January 09, 2015

No more Christmas

I'm taking own Christmas...sad day.

Saw Charro today.  It was snowing pretty hard when I walked there, so it was slick, but pretty.  I ended up talking to this guy most of my walk there.  He asked what street I was going to and he was going to the same one.  How weird.  He's married with three children so it's not like he was hitting on me, just a friendly chat, which was nice for a change because usually nobody talks.

I unsuccessfully keep trying to get Charro to stop with WIF.  She told me not to put my boots on before I stepped on the scale.  Hmm, she's onto me.  She said I lost a pound so I need to be back up next week, aka , I need to wear heavier clothes or something.  Oh WIF.

Let's see if Charro remembers my juice on Monday.  I'm going with NO on that.  :)  I can't count on her forgetting, which is nice.  It's like a get out of jail free card. :)

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