Monday, January 05, 2015


Charro said she was going to challenge me more this year and it's starting with juice next Monday.  I'm not too concerned because I'm pretty sure that she won't remember that she said she was going to bring juice for me, which means that I won't have to drink any juice.  I even told her that I don't think she'll remember to bring it, I didn't hide that.  I feel like she forgets things she's going to do a lot, which is fine with me.  

She asked me what I got for Christmas and I said, "I already told you."  She said, "No you didn't" and said, "Yes I did," and then proceeded to tell her again what I got, leaving out that I got a FitBit, which I had told her I got when I spoke to her last week.  She was supposed to take that away from me today, but she can't take it away if she doesn't remember that I even got it as a gift.

That being said, Charro is a very good T and she does remember pretty much everything, the important stuff, she just seems for forget things like that.  I'm still not convinced that she actually forgets about these things or if they're tests for me to bring them up myself to take more control over my treatment.  I don't know, but I'm not reminding her of the juice or the FitBit.  :)

Oh yea, she told me that she needs to put the kibosh on my blog because she thinks it's disordered.  She asked if I'm still writing on it and I said "sometimes," and that's when she told me that I should stop.

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