Sunday, December 28, 2014

Merry Christmas

Christmas week has been good.  I was starting to freak out a little because I didn't work out on Tuesday and then Wednesday I only played tennis.  I was planning on going to the gym after tennis but the day got busy because it was Christmas Eve.  I woke up on Christmas day and it was warm outside.  We had to wait to open presents and I had to go take care of a friend's dogs, so I ran there.  I don't think my parents knew I ran there, but I did.  It wasn't far, a little over a mile each way, but I felt better that I got out and did that.

I got a fitbit for Christmas.  I didn't ask for one but I got one and I like it.  I had mixed emotions when I opened it up because I knew it was something that I really shouldn't have, but I didn't want to hurt my mom's feelings so I kept it.  It's okay because I like it and am using it, I just know I shouldn't be.  Charro will not be thrilled by this gift, that's for sure.

I think I'm getting a cold, but that's okay.  I'm going to eat breakfast and go to the gym in a bit.  I have nothing to do today, which is nice.  I was out all day yesterday so it will be nice to not do much today, although I'd like to go to Target, but I don't feel like driving 30 minutes to get there.

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Last WIF for 2014

I had my last WIF for 2014 yesterday.  I joked with Charro to try and have it be my last WIF forever, but she didn't go for that.  She won't tell me how much I weigh, I asked, but she did say that I've been steady for a while now.  Blah.  I know I've gained 1000 lbs so I don't think I've stayed steady.  

I have to go to a party tomorrow, that I wish I said I couldn't go to.  I won't stay long.  I have too many other things that I need to do.

I'm sure I'll freak out a few times in the coming week, with Christmas Eve and Christmas.  I seem to be freaking out more and wanting to work out like crazy during that time.  We'll see how it goes.  I hate it.

Saturday, December 13, 2014

WIF and Bertha

I love when I feel fat, said no one ever.  I looked 84 months pregnant in class the other night.  I shall never wear tight shirts again.  I would like my stomach to be concave, not convex.

There's so much I should be doing right now, like making my Christmas treats or cleaning.  I'm having 15 people over tomorrow so I do need to clean.  I made 7 pounds of ravioli today and it doesn't look like enough at all.  I made the sauce last night.  I just have to make a dip, which I can do tomorrow and set everything up.  So, I've got time.  All I need to do tomorrow is go to the gym and run my ass off in the morning.

Charro slipped and fell on her ass the other day.  I asked if she was okay and she said yes because she has a lot of padding.  I was like, "You do not have any padding."  She has no ass at all.  She has a concave ass and I want a concave stomach.  So not fair.  Seriously, no ass and stick arms.  I then told her how it's not fair how she's skinny and has stick arms.  

I forgot that I need to make garlic bread.  That takes two seconds.  

I am going to ask Charro how much I weigh when I see her on Monday.  I'm sure she won't tell me but I'm going to ask.  My scale at home says I'm 97, which is totally fine with me, but it can't be right because there's no way that I'd be 103 on Charro's scale if that was the case.  She didn't say that I need gain weight yesterday, which leads me to believe that my scale is incorrect.  I also weighed myself at the gym today and I was 100.  Blah, hate it.  I'll talk to her on Monday.

Friday, December 12, 2014

No boots for me

I need to put more tinsel on my Christmas tree.  I also need to do some serious cooking, but I don't have enough pots.  That might pose a problem.  Oh well, I'll figure it out.

I had my sesh with Charro.  It was fine.  When it came time for WIF she goes, "Let's go, and don't put your boots on."  I swear, it's almost like she reads my blog because she always mentions or does things right after I write about them.  I really don't think she would read it because she has better things to do with her time and doesn't know the site, although I'm sure she could find it if she really wanted to.  So anyway, she goes, "Don't put your boots on.  I got an anonymous email saying you put weights in there?"  I go, "In my boots?"  She didn't respond and then said, "I can't believe you never figured out who sent that email."  (She was referring to something a few years back).  I think she was kidding, but I don't know.  Let's just set the record straight, I have never once put weights in my shoes.  That would make walking really uncomfortable.

So, that was that.  I learned that she lived in Australia.  I am very curious about this woman's life.  I think she's lived/traveled a ton!!

Thursday, December 11, 2014

What about women

I was discussing how I'm going to be a single cat lady for the rest of my life and never have a husband or children.  I would like both of those things.  Dating in NYC is NOT easy.  I could write a blog on that, and all of the incredibly horrible, yet humorous dates that I've been on.  The stories I share with my friends, and vice-versa are just incredible.  Anyway, as I was walking out the door of Charro's (Kruger's) office yesterday she goes, "What about women?"  I just gave her a look.  Um, no thank you.  I'm not into that.

Tomorrow is WIF.  I'm going in there with no help and I'm not sure how that's going to turn out.  I don't know if Bertha (scale at home) is correct, but if it is, then I'm going to get reamed out tomorrow, although I will have my big boots on, unless she catches me before I put them back on.  We shall see.

I have a crap load of stuff to do the next few days.  I'm having 15 people over for a party on Sunday, so I have a ton of cooking to do.  Should be a good time. 

Sunday, December 07, 2014

Fun with people

It's been a crazy week.  I had to take my cat to the vet and he had to stay overnight.  He's fine now.  Been busy with work.  This morning I need to get my ass to the gym and do a little running.  We'll see how that goes.  I haven't run around since last Sunday, since I've been getting headaches from it.

I don't love my weight right now.  I guess it's okay, but I still want to be lower than I am.  I don't really know why but I do.  Even though I'm still under 100, I'd like to be a little lower.  I would just want to be a pound lower, so I don't really know what the big deal is, but the numbers matter to me for some reason.  I'm not obsessing about it, so that's good.

It's been an awesome weekend so far, so I hope that continues today.  :)  Lots of fun with friends and family.

Okay, I need to get my butt up and going.

Monday, December 01, 2014

Walk, don't run

Hmm, I'm back in NY and all decorated for Christmas.  I got my tree yesterday and just finished decorating it.

I saw Charro today.  I wanted to run to my appointment but my head wasn't feeling right.  It kind of hasn't been for the past two weeks.  It's fine until I run and then I get headaches.  I had a pounding headache in the middle of the night last night and this morning my head just felt weird.  My workout wasn't very good this morning.  Anyway, so I walked to my sesh.  

I had a lot to talk to Charro about so it was good to see her.  She always tells me that I will look so much better if I gain weight.  I don't know why.  She asked what would happen if I weighed 110.  I told her that I'd be huge and she said that I wouldn't.  She also doesn't think that I would weigh 110 if I ate normally.  I can't take that chance.  I wonder if she'll weigh me on Wednesday since I'm not going to see her on Friday.  I bet she does.  I'm sure I'll weigh enough.

She must get so tired of me.  I told her how I was freaking out on Thanksgiving because I was so full and gained like 4 pounds that day (well, I left out the weight thing because then she would have asked me why I weighed myself and would have lectured me on that).  She asked me if I challenged my thoughts at all and I said, "No, I don't let myself."  She wanted to know why but I didn't have an answer.

I was hoping to run tomorrow but I don't that's going to happen.  Charro doesn't even want me playing field hockey this winter.  She wants me to time off from it.  I don't know what I'll do.  The field in the winter is like 2 inches big so it's not like I'd be running a lot, besides, I should be able to really run by then.   I better be able to.

I'm hungry but I don't really have anything to eat.  Well, I have a lot of food in my place, I just don't want any of it.