Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Bumping into Charro

Ha, I ran into Charro in the train station last night.  I was walking to catch my train and she was walking to catch hers and I heard my name a few times.  I looked back and there she was.  She goes, "I thought about sneaking up on you and scaring you."  I was, "Oh, hi!"  Then she was like, "I'm rushing to my train, you're rushing to your train."  I said, "Too bad I didn't have my cat with me.  Have a good night."  It was funny.  I'm glad she said hi.  

So I just ran into this woman at the grocery store.  She and I have been going to the same gym for years, however we just started talking to each other very recently.  Last time I saw her, a few weeks back, she told me that I was "too skinny."  So today when I saw her she came over and hugged me and said, "I'm sorry."  (I was thinking, "for what?")  She goes, "I'm sorry I told you that you are too skinny.  I shouldn't have said that and I'm sorry."  I said, "It's totally fine.  I don't take things to personal, it's okay."  Thought that was interesting.

So, that's it so far.

Sunday, April 27, 2014

A new kid on the block

There's a new ED movie on the block...and I'm only 20 minutes in, but it's pretty bad.  By bad I mean, stupid, but I can totally see how some 13 year old would think it was pretty good.  I am kind of tearing it apart with the "that doesn't happen.  That would never happen."  It's been a while since an ED movie has been made for TV and so far, this one doesn't cut it.  Maybe I'm just older and can see how stupidly pathetic these Lifetime movies are, and how low budget they are, or maybe it's just a really bad movie.  I'll continue watching it, much like the teenage girl killer movie I watched last night.  Oh Lifetime, how come you suck me in everytime...even though we all know how the movies ends.

Change of plans

I went and got a foot massage yesterday.  It was like the Chinese torture chamber.  I already have bruises on my legs.  My friend and I went to Chinatown to get them, because they're cheap.  I find that the women are always harder than the men and I had a woman.  She didn't understand English well so I tried to tell her to go softer but I don't think she understood.  I think contracting all muscles during a foot massage sort of defeats the purpose.  Ha.

I want to run outside, but it's too cold to do so right, so I'll have to wait.  Here's the problem, if I wait, I risk not doing it.  I could just go to the gym, but the thought of running on the treadmill sounds horrific, given that it's sort of nice out.  I mean, the sun is shining and it will be 60 later, but right now, 49 is too cold for me to run.  I'm going out with friends later too, which means that I really might not want to run later.  Hmm, I've got to figure it out.  I'll just have to make myself do it later.  I just can't bare stepping foot into the gym today.

I was supposed to play field hockey but that got canceled.  :(  So bummed about that.  That was the reason why I couldn't do my French toast food challenge today.  Well, I could have now, since it was canceled, but not happening.  

My snugly is all curled up next to me.

Friday, April 25, 2014

No WIF and food challenges

Charro did not weigh me today, maybe because she was running late, I don't really know, but that's fine with me.  I kind of had a feeling she wouldn't weigh me.  I love how she always says she's going to and then doesn't.  Maybe she just likes to catch me off guard, I don't really know.  She totally caught me off guard last Friday, that's for sure!!!

She has a couple of challenges for me.  The first one:  Go out for breakfast and eat an entire plate of French toast.  She wants to me to that this weekend, which honestly can't happen because I teach a class tomorrow morning and the Sunday morning I am going to Long Island for the day, so I have legit excuses.  So, she wants this to happen Monday.  I told her that it won't happen on Monday, but I don't know if she believed me.  I said, "Monday's a bad day, I have a conference call in the morning and I have stuff to do before that." She was like, "You're call's at 10 and what stuff do you have to do?"  I said, "Well, I have to go to the gym."  Then she pointed out that I walk to her office on Mondays so I don't have to go to the gym, but I do.  I'll probably be so sore from playing field hockey that I won't be able to move anyway.

Challenge two: Go to Levain Bakery (look it up if you need to) and get a cookie and eat the entire thing with a glass of milk.  Okay, so these cookies are not just cookies, they are monstrosities!!  Extremely delicious, but I don't think it's normal for anyone to eat the entire cookie, although Charro said that she just ate an entire one.  Speaking of Charro and eating, I asked her if people think she anorexic because she's skinny and works with ED people.  She said no to that one.  I'm hoping that she forgets about this cookie thing, which she wants me to do in her office, however getting the cookie is not very convenient for either of us.  It's on the other side of town and I'm not going to go across town just for a freaking cookie.  I rarely go West and all East siders complain about having to go West, as if it's the other side of the universe...as to West siders coming East.  We don't like to leave our 'hoods.

I have one more week of this damn food log, unless she extends it.  I can hack it for one more week, I think.

So Charro has her kids eating on a schedule, which I find odd.  I said, "Well, what if they're hungry?"  She said, "They have to wait.  If they just ate lunch they shouldn't be hungry."  I'm not sure I agree with this situation, but they're not my kids.  That just seems like it would cause issues, but I don't know.

I'm tired today.  I was supposed to go out tonight but I now I don't have to, so I'm happy about that.

Oh, at the end of our sesh, when I was leaving, Charro goes, "you look glum.  Why? Your mood just changed.  What feelings are you having?"  I don't know what feelings I was having but it was related to the french toast business.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Skinny sticks

My little boy is such a good boy.  He is so well behaved on the train and just lays there.  He occasionally pops his head out of the carrier to look and see what's going on.  

I saw Charro this morning.  Okay, here's my issue...she's skinny!!  It drives me insane.  She had a tight shirt on for once and her arms are like sticks.  I want my arms to be like that.  She has stick legs and no ass and is tall, which is so not fair.  Oh yeah, she has huge boobs, but I don't really need those, they'd just get in my way while I'm doing all of my sports and working out.  She has the perfect body and it's so not fair.

My feet hurt.  They're going to hurt even more when I stand outside freezing all afternoon.

No one at home said anything about my weight, which is good.  Charro is apparently going to weigh me on Friday.  Welcome back WIF.  I knew it was too good to be true and think that we were forever done with stupid WIF.  I hate WIF!!

That's about all.

Monday, April 21, 2014

The phone sesh from my car

I had a phone sesh with Charro today.  It will be good that I'm talking to her three times this week.  I'm seeing her on Wed. and Friday.  She asked me if I had weighed myself, and I told her I did.  Luckily she didn't ask me how much I weighed or I would have been in big trouble.  I guess she figures that she weighed me on Friday so she knows my weight.  She was also not very thrilled with my food log, especially Friday's meals.  I knew that would be the case.  

I think Wednesday and Friday will be some interesting seshes.  Hopefully she doesn't re-instate the "I'm going to fire you" rule.  That would REALLY suck.  She said she wouldn't, but I wouldn't put it past her.  She said, "You need to be up when I weigh you on Friday."  Yep, ok.

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Hoppy Easter

I weighed myself this morning, against Charro's request, but I wanted to see how much I really weighed...without clothes or food in my stomach.  I lost a little, very little, weight, but then again, maybe my scale is wrong and I really haven't lost weight.

I've had ED dreams pretty much every night in the past week.  Hmm, that means something.

I had a nice Easter with my family.  They're gone now and I'm going to do a puzzle. 

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Better food today

I ate better today.  I'm still not sure Charro is going to think that, but whatever.  Actually, she'll probably tell me that I need to put time and amounts on my food log, which I didn't do.  I had a 4 hour span where I just wrote a bunch of food down because I had a bit of this and a bit of that.  I don't do measurements and I'm not putting much effort into this stupid fool log anyway.  She knows I hate doing them.

Tomorrow is going to be a quiet Easter, which will be nice.  Just immediate family, no relatives.  Yah!  I'll go to the gym in the morning and then chill out.  Sounds like a good day to me.

Friday, April 18, 2014

Yucky days

Okay, so it's 9:08 PM and I have yet to eat dinner and I kind of have a feeling that dinner is not going to happen.  I'm screwed.  Seriously, I have to be keeping a food log now?  Why?  Charro is going to kill me.  Why does this totally suck right now?  I guess it doesn't matter, even if I eat the rest of my sandwich from lunch, she still won't think that's enough so I guess forcing myself to eat it doesn't make any sense.  Whatever, I'm screwed regardless.  I guess I just have to deal with it.  Things will be better when I go home tomorrow.  I just hope my parents don't say anything to me.

Charro told me not to weigh myself when I go home, since she weighed me, but I want to know how much I really weigh, without clothes on and first thing in the morning.  

I don't know what my issue is, but it needs to stop right now.

I can't go below 100.5 on Charro's scale, or will have even more problems.  Maybe having stuff in my pockets (unintentionally) today didn't work in my favor.

I'm exhausted.  I walked all over the city with my friend today.  It's so time for bed.

Surprise!! WIF!

Lots of surprises during my sesh today.  Charro's like "We're going to weigh you...right now...blind."  Um, "No, I don't think so."  She was like, "Come on, and you're not going to see it."  I fought it as long as I could but then I had to get up there.  I leaned against the wall and she didn't notice.  I needed to press down against it but I didn't.  She was like "You've lost weight."  I said, "I was leaning against the wall, my dear."  She said, "You were?  Get back on."  She told me my weight, which I was surprised about.  I actually weighed more than I thought I would have, which was good (for that weigh in).  I did have my phone in my pocket, and my keys, so that probably helped some, but I didn't go in there with crap all stuffed in my pockets and weights around my ankles, so that's a start.  I really thought I'd get on that scale and she would flip because I would weigh 98 pounds or something.  Thank God!!  She told me not to weigh myself when I go home, but I might anyway.  She said I need to gain weight and that she's going to weigh me until I do.  I gave her "the face" and we moved on.  I told her that my eating has kind of sucked so she re-instated the food logs.  I HATE food logs.  Ugh.  Hate them more than anything in the world. Yuck!  She also told me that my face looked "drawn."  I wonder who drew it. ;) Ha.  Okay, not that funny.

I'm excited for Easter.  Excited to meet my friend for lunch today.  Not excited about this cold weather.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

I think I dreamt that my dad asked me how my eating has been and if I had lost weight.  I don't like those dreams.

I baked a pie this morning and just noticed that I have crusted on something stuck to my wrist bone.  It's either the filling or the crust itself.  Oh well.

So, I didn't weigh myself while I was home this week.  I will on Sunday, or Saturday I guess.  I hope, for the sake of my parents not saying anything to, that I haven't lost weight.  I can't imagine that I would have.  I don't think my eating has been that great though, so I don't really know.  I never really know anything.  I just don't want them questioning my body or food intake.  

My insurance is still retarded.  Ugh, and then I realized that my deductibles are separate for in network and out of network, so that really sucks because now it's going to cost me $3500 before I start getting some money back from my Charro seshes.  UGH, I hate insurance!!!

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Stubby arms

It was 61 degrees yesterday and then it snowed last night.  Figured that one out.

I had a dream that I had a sesh with Charro and then we walked out into her waiting room/office with desks and papers and stuff, and there were three others out there.  There were 2 girls and a guy.  They were sitting around doing their own thing and Charro was pulling out papers for me.  She pulled out this picture that I drew of my head, torso and arms.  It was a normal looking picture (well, I can't draw, so as normal as it can be for my artistic abilities...or lack there of), except she pointed out that I made my arms short, like stubby short.  She drew a line next to my arms and said, "Look how short your arms are."  I'm not really sure where this was going, and I still don't know because I don't remember the rest of the dream.  The odd thing is, in real life she told me that I have really long arms, so the dream is weird.  

I'm tired today and I have to go freeze my ass off in a few minutes.  Not looking forward to that.  At least the sun is out.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Getting back into the swing of things

It was good to see Charro yesterday,  yet weird, because I hadn't seen her in so long.  I don't know what she was sick with, and I obviously didn't ask because it's not really my business, although I am curious.

She asked me how my eating has been, while I was sort of in the middle of a sentence, so I disregarded the question and then never answered it.  She failed to ask me again so I figured that it wasn't too important.  We talked a little about my working out and she said that there has been a "resurgence" in my ED.  Oh well, not really, but yeah, I'm a little more obsessive.  

I said, "Our 7 year anniversary came and went without a blink of an eye."  She said she'd bring some Martinelli's in to celebrate.  I said, "No thanks," and then she said she was going to bring me a juice to drink.  Awesome.  I asked when and she didn't give me a day, and I said, "Oh yah, I love surprises."  I asked if I could add water to it, but she obviously said no to that.

I was at the gym this morning and this woman said, "you're too thin.  Tell her (to this other woman) that she's getting too thin."  The other woman goes, "She's always been that size."  Thank you!!  Yes I have! :)

Speaking of the gym, Charro challenged me to not go to the gym today or tomorrow.  I told her that I couldn't do that.  She said, "That's a big problem."  I forgot her exact words on that.  She said, "If someone told you that they couldn't go a week without alcohol what would you say?"  I said, "I would say that that's a problem."  She agreed and told me it was the same thing.  Geez, if she told me not to go to the gym for a week, or workout rather, I would definitely NOT be able to do that.  I'd go crazy.

The weather absolutely stinks today.  I was driving all over the state seeing clients and the highways are awful.  Pouring rain, very windy...not fun!

Sunday, April 13, 2014


So I'm drinking tea to avoid eating.  That should tell me something.  My eggwhite omelette came out as eggs today too.  I wanted to die.  Okay, that was a bit dramatic. I ate it anyway, but I was not happy about it at all.  I didn't finish it.  It was freaking me out.  I don't eat eggs.  They seemed a bit runny too, which also freaked me out.


Ew, someone is smoking and it's wafting into my apartment.  NOT okay!

Perhaps I'm a little obsessed

I'm being quite inactive/lazy today.  I was okay with it for the first couple of hours of the day, and now I'm starting to think I should do something.  My feet ache from bad sneakers and my legs are probably too tired to run, so I guess I can take a day off.  I haven't taken a day off in a while, so I guess it's okay.  I'll get over it.  I'm planning on running to Charro tomorrow...if she doesn't cancel again.  It's supposed to be almost 75 degrees, so it will be a nice run.  I'm trying to decide if I should go to the gym before that too, or just run.  I feel like the run isn't long enough.  I mean, it really isn't.  

I need to get my butt outside since it's nice out.  I LOVE that it's finally nice out.  

It's a good thing that I don't have a FitBit.  My sister has one and I sort of want one, but let's face it, I'd be so obsessed with hitting 10,000 steps every day.  I just thought of that because I've taken about 20 steps all day and I would never get anything close to 10 thousand today if I don't do anything.  Okay, not I'm sort of starting to obsess about that and definitely feel like I need to go do something.  That makes me feel really lazy.  Well, isn't this fun!  

Right, on cue a friend calls and I'm heading out!!! Woo hoo!  

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Ramblings and counting

Today was a beautiful Spring day.  I taught aerobics.  My knee hurt and I'm not quite sure what was up with that, but I think it's okay now,  I have to test it out.  Then I went for a bike ride in the park with a friend.  Then I went and walked around downtown with another friend.  It was just so nice out.  

I'm sort of doing a little counting today.  I walked 2 miles this morning, taught class, rode 8 miles with a killer hill, and then walked another 2-3 miles.  I think that was good.  My feet hurt, probably because my shoes weren't the greatest.  I got some blisters too, which is disappointing from these shoes.  I need a foot massage.

So, I'm counting my physical activity, and sort of counting my food intake.  I haven't counted calories, but just trying to figure out if I ate too much today.  I'm not sure where this is all coming from, but I guess that doesn't matter...or maybe it does.  I just feel like tomorrow I need to eat a lot of fruit, which I love, so that's easy.  Fruit, veggies and protein.  What's up with me?  I might be getting a little obsessive...or not.  

I wonder if Charro will cancel again on Monday.  We shall see.  

I might be a little hungry right now, but it's bed time.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Morning production

I actually feel like I got a lot more accomplished by not going to Charro this morning.  I didn't do much other than go to the gym.  I guess I feel like working out is more productive than talking, which makes sense.  Maybe I should quit seeing Charro so I can work out more and then I can just talk to myself about stuff that I'd talk to her about, or I can talk to my cat.  I'm clearly not going to talk to my friends about that stuff so that's out of the question.  Hmm, I'm saving money and burning calories...maybe the gym is a better option.

I bought some fruit this morning, which makes me happy.  I wanted some yesterday but didn't have any, so now I've got 2 mangos, 2 packages of strawberries and some bananas.  I'm good to go.  Of course I still have the problem or what I'm going to eat for lunch and dinner.  Why do we need food to survive?  Live would be so much easier if we could just be weird breatharians.  (I don't even know if I spelled that right).

I venture to say that Spring has finally sprung, and that makes me happy.  

I wonder if Charro will really be back to work on Monday...I can't say that it didn't cross my mind that maybe she was pregnant and had a miscarriage.  Hopefully not, but it seems very strange that she would be out of work for over a week just from an illness.  Hmm...

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Get me off of the phone

I am on the worst phone call right now for what might have been, but won't be, a possible date.  I can't get off of this call fast enough.  This is brutal and I hope he doesn't ask me out.

Another cancelled sesh

So Charro canceled again for Friday.  That's 3 seshes in a row.  She said that "everything is fine" and she just wants to take time to fully recover, but I'm not sure I'm buying that.  No one stays out of work that long because they're sick.  I think there's something going on.

I guess my eating hasn't been all that great, meaning that I don't have anything here that I want to make for lunch or dinner.  I could go to the store and get stuff, but I don't even know what I would want to make to eat, so going to the store wouldn't even be helpful.  Oh well, apparently I don't really care.

So Charro emailed to to cancel and said, "I hope you're kicking Carmine's butt out of the ball park."  Ya, that's probably not happening.  Her being gone means I just have more time to work out, not really what she'd want to hear, but I'm happy about it.

I can't believe Cabaret is on Broadway again (or still).  I found it to be pretty boring, and I love musicals.  I don't think my parents really loved it either.

Wednesday, April 09, 2014

Wild Night

I'm sleepy this morning, as I expected to be.  Last night was way better than I expected it to be.  :)  AWESOME.  I dreamt about it all night.

I should have worked out longer today but my eyes were like "Go home and take your contacts out."  

I wonder if Charro will be back on Friday.  I can't imagine that she won't be.  No one is out sick for a week.

I counted calories the other night while I was lying in bed.  I thought that was a good idea.  I don't second guess my decision, it's not like it made a difference with anything anyway, so it doesn't matter.

I'm so happy that it's getting nice out.  I ran outside in the mist yesterday, but I had destinations, which always makes running easier for me than just running to run.  That's boring.  That's why I like running to Charro's office, I kill two birds with one stone.  I have to get there, so by running I get there, get my workout in and save money.  She sometimes disagrees with that, but whatever.

Time to buckle down and do some work.

Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Big night tonight

Fun times ahead of me this evening.  I can't wait.

Had a good run this morning, outside in the mist.  It beat going to the gym.  The sun needs to come out. 

I'm excited for tonight.  I've already had a good morning.

Monday, April 07, 2014

Am I the extreme

So Charro emailed me today and told me not to plan on seeing her before Friday because she's going to be out longer.  She must really be sick, I guess.

It's funny, I know I'm the on the extreme opposite end of what "normal" people do when they're sick or injured.  I push myself to continue to do things that I always do.  When I was sick last month, I skipped the gym one day.  I took it easy the other days, but I still went, played field hockey, and taught classes.  Was that the right thing to do?  Probably not, but that's how I am.  I keep on trucking as much as I can and never feel like I'm sick enough to not do something that I'm supposed to do.  It's the same way with injuries...I'll keep on working out and I don't go to the doctor to get an injury checked out for at least 3 months.  (If I thought I had a broken bone, I would go to the doctor).  I'm not saying any of this is good, but this is how I am so I think I probably look at other people and think they're babying their illness or injury.  I'm not talking about Charro here, because I have no idea what she's sick with, but these thoughts came up with her sickness.  I would have to be passed out or dying to not go about my normal day.

Those are my thoughts for the day.  Bed time.

Sunday, April 06, 2014

Funny days

It's always the days that I think I have nothing to do and plan on doing nothing but chilling out, baking, or cleaning that I end up being gone all day doing stuff.  I went to the gym and worked out (not hard enough), ran a few errands and got a text from a friend asking if I wanted to grab lunch.  Hung out with her for a while and 2 minutes after I walked in my door, I got a text from another friend asking if I wanted to go downtown. He picked me up and we went and hung out for a few hours, which was fun.  Now I'm back.

Charro canceled for tomorrow because she's still sick.  She must really be feeling like crap if she's giving up a full day of private people.  It's funny, I think, is she really that sick or is she just a whimp when it comes to being sick.  I know that when I was sick, I felt like crap and had no energy and still dragged myself down there to see her, but I only had to sit through one appointment (mine) and she'd have to sit through an entire days worth, so maybe that's the deal.  I don't know.  I know I push myself to do things even when I'm sick, so maybe that's just me.

I need to detox and work out.  I feel like all I did was eat today and I'm so done with it.  Ugh.  I didn't really have much dinner because I was full from lunch, but I did go to the restaurant with my friends.  I need to make brownies, but that will happen tomorrow.  It was supposed to happen tonight but oh well, now that Charro canceled, I have time.

Hoping for out, but looking like in

I was hoping it would be warm enough for me to run outside, but I'm not sure that's going to be the case.  Sure, it may be warm enough at 2 or 3 pm, but I don't want to wait that long.  If I wait that long to do it, it might not happen, and I can't take that chance.  This means that I will most likely be hitting up the treadmill.  Boring!  

I'm excited that the weather will hopefully be getting nice soon.  I wish it was sooner.  It might be 70 on Friday.  I've got some big (exciting) things happening this week, so it's going to be a great week.  YAY!! 

My cat hasn't even asked for breakfast yet.  He's still sleeping on my bed.  Well, he just woke up but hasn't moved.  Maybe I should eat breakfast.  He tried to eat my breakfast yesterday.  I said to him, "I don't stick my head in your bowl!!"  He didn't care.

Ugh, it looks SO nice out, why can it be warmer?  Gym, here I come. :(  I can't wait to go home and weigh myself next week.

I had lunch with a friend yesterday (we became friends through mutual friend) and she goes, "I've never seen you eat."  I said, "Really?"  She goes, "Ya, I just thought you didn't really eat."  I said, "Well you'll see me eat today."  I thought that was interesting.  I haven't been around her many times when there was food involved. She was at a party I had, I ate there, and we were at a party together last summer, I ate there, but maybe I ate before she got there. I don't know.  It doesn't really matter.  I guess I should eat breakfast so I can go run.

Friday, April 04, 2014

Insurance madness

Let's see if my insurance company gets it together.  I sent them an email yesterday saying that if my claims are not processed by Monday, I will be calling the insurance commission.  Oh yeah, you got that right.  Over 90 days to process claims...NOT acceptable!!  I can go on and on about that, but I won't.  I see they received my claims from Charro that I re-submitted for the THIRD time.  Let's hope those go through so I can get reimbursed.  I can't handle this insurance madness.

I've been in a constant state of sleepiness this week.  I wake up and feel like I need to take a nap.  That's not a good thing.

I almost weighed myself at the gym last night.  I didn't.  I wanted to.  I still want to.  There's always tomorrow, but I don't know.

Thursday, April 03, 2014

From good day to bad

Today was a good day until about 6 PM when I got an email from Charro, cancelling our sesh for tomorrow because she's sick.  Man, I know how she feels and it's not fun.  She just needs to sleep for like a week straight.  That's not really what made my night bad, it was what followed, which I'm not going to go into, but it freaked me out.  All parties involved (my dad) will be okay, which is good.  Thank God.  I need my dad.  I love my dad to death.

So that's that.  I did have a really good day up to that point.  :(  I don't feel like writing anymore.

Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Watch out insurance

This week seems to be dragging.  Yesterday was a beautiful day, but the rest of the week, not looking so hot (or dry).  I still feel fatter than I want to be.  I'll most likely weigh myself when I go home in 2 weeks.  I am not really supposed to weigh myself until Easter, but I never really made that promise, plus, it's close enough to Easter so in my mind it's fine.

I've resorted to sending mean tweets to my insurance company threatening legal action.  They responded pretty quickly to that tweet, we'll see how they really respond though.  I'm giving them until Monday and then  I'm calling them and telling them that I'm going to call the insurance commission.  

I really need to figure out meals.  I'm sick of the same old stuff that I eat but I don't know what to make.  I have been saying this for years, but I really need to just start looking through my cook books and start making some things.  I'll probably keep saying that for years.

Charro called me out on only eating egg whites the other day.  She's like "you know the egg baby is in the whites."  I said, "I know, but I take it out."  She was like "Ah ha!  So you can eat the yolk.  You're not eating it because of the fat."  Yep, mostly correct.  Eggs do skeeve me out though.

Charro pulled an April Fool's joke on me, but I got her back pretty good. :)  Yay.  I thought it was funny that she thought to prank me.

Oh, I had a dream that she and two others (who I saw on Saturday and she use to work with.  Well, she still works with one of them) were at my place.  Charro opened my fridge and took out OJ and took a sip and was like "Ew, this is sour."  I said, "Well, it's been in there for two months."  Then she said, "You don't have any food in here.  You need to get some food."  The dream was long, but that was the most thrilling part.

So, that's about it.  

Tuesday, April 01, 2014

No foolin' here

I emailed Charro last night to tell her how much I wanted to weigh myself when I got home.  She emailed me back this morning and asked me how it went, and if I had managed to stay off the scale.  So far, I have.  I really, really want to weigh myself though.  I want to make sure I haven't gained 50 million pounds.  Ugh.  I feel so fat and flabby and I don't like it one bit.  I hate it, actually.  I hate how I (probably we) go in waves with this...feeling pretty good and like "I've got this" and then not so good and fat and gross and wanting to leave out of food and stuff.  Blah.  

My feet are cold.  

It's finally April.  I hope it warms up.  I want Spring!!  (Actually, I want summer, but I'll take Spring over what we've been having for now).