Saturday, December 13, 2014

WIF and Bertha

I love when I feel fat, said no one ever.  I looked 84 months pregnant in class the other night.  I shall never wear tight shirts again.  I would like my stomach to be concave, not convex.

There's so much I should be doing right now, like making my Christmas treats or cleaning.  I'm having 15 people over tomorrow so I do need to clean.  I made 7 pounds of ravioli today and it doesn't look like enough at all.  I made the sauce last night.  I just have to make a dip, which I can do tomorrow and set everything up.  So, I've got time.  All I need to do tomorrow is go to the gym and run my ass off in the morning.

Charro slipped and fell on her ass the other day.  I asked if she was okay and she said yes because she has a lot of padding.  I was like, "You do not have any padding."  She has no ass at all.  She has a concave ass and I want a concave stomach.  So not fair.  Seriously, no ass and stick arms.  I then told her how it's not fair how she's skinny and has stick arms.  

I forgot that I need to make garlic bread.  That takes two seconds.  

I am going to ask Charro how much I weigh when I see her on Monday.  I'm sure she won't tell me but I'm going to ask.  My scale at home says I'm 97, which is totally fine with me, but it can't be right because there's no way that I'd be 103 on Charro's scale if that was the case.  She didn't say that I need gain weight yesterday, which leads me to believe that my scale is incorrect.  I also weighed myself at the gym today and I was 100.  Blah, hate it.  I'll talk to her on Monday.

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