Tuesday, November 25, 2014


Charro wants me to continue sending her pictures of my meals.  Well, I told her that that was going to be hard since I will be eating with my parents all week.  I am reporting back to her on what I'm eating, but not sending pics.  I'm not going to take pictures while I'm sitting at the table with my parents.  That would not be cool.  

This picture continuation is due to my meal demise.  Charro referred to it as "a slip."  I said, "It's not a slip."  She asked what it was then and I said, "A bad day."  Then she called it "a relapse."  I did not like that either and said that it made it sound so serious.  She said I don't take it seriously enough.  I don't think it is serious.

So, that's that.  The weight that I gained is gone, so that's good.  I'm sure I'll gain it all back by the end of the weekend.

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