Thursday, November 13, 2014

Lots of weird dreams

I've had a lot of ED dreams this week.  Last night I dreamt that my parents were meeting Charro at Walmart to talk to her.  I knew they were doing this but I didn't go with them.  I did go and try to spy on them though, after going to the store next door to look at Christmas stuff.  So I got into Walmart and saw them.  It was a really nice Walmart and it had a Barnes and Noble in it.  I walked in and saw my dad hiding behind a clothes rack.  I guess he didn't want to meet with Charro.  I went to the back where B&N was and spotted my mom with Charro, except now it wasn't Charro it was Kruger.  I tried to hear what they were talking about while hiding behind some books, but I wasn't able to.  Oh, I just remembered that I had met with Charro for an hour before she was meeting with my parents.  I know she was with them for a while, but then it might have been in a house, unless that was another dream.  Let me bounce to that because I am now remembering that.  I met with Charro for an hour and then my parents came over and met with her for over two hours.  I remember wondering how much she was going to charge for that.  They walked in and I was there and we walked by some stairs that went down and Mike Brady was at the bottom of the steps.  I left and ended up at a very crowded gym.  I was definitely being disordered.  I was with friends, and I think they were disordered too.  I definitely was feeling competetive with another person who was at the gym and anorexic.  I was trying to find cardio machines that we could all get on so we could talk while we worked out for a while.  We spent some time at the gym and then we had to go get blood drawn.  I went with one other person and I saw this other doctor, who I really liked, and she sent us to get blood work.  We went downstairs into a room where there were just a bunch of metal beds, like stretchers, to lay on to get our blood drawn.  The workers recognized us, I guess we had to get blood drawn a lot for our EDs, and made small talk and then proceeded to tell us to take care of ourselves and eat well.  They were genuinely concerned about us.

So that was last night's little dream sequence, as confusing as it may be.  The other night I dreamt that I was at my house, which was this huge house with wood floors.  Charro was there, as well as a bunch of her colleagues.  Charro got there the night before and stayed over so we could have a sesh.  The next day was party time and thats when everyone else showed up.  My mom ended up talking to Charro's boss, a big wig in the ED community, and I was not too thrilled about that.  I was trying to hear what she was talking about and get them to break up the conversation.  Then I realized that there was cat puke EVERYWHERE!!!  It was on the counters, floors, walls, everywhere!  I grabbed some clorox to clean it up and it bleached out the hardwood floors.  It was a disaster.  Then the party was over so I walked Charro out to help her carry her bags.  The end.


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