Wednesday, November 05, 2014

Burpees in Charro's office

I worked out in Charro's office on Monday.  I'm not sure how this all came about but I must have been talking about aerobics or something and she said she got an email with funny exercises but didn't know the names or what they were but then she remembered that one was called a mountain climber.  She asked me what it was and I demonstrated.  Then she said there was a really funny named one and I said, "burpee," and she said yes and asked what it was.  So, I showed her a few and then she was like, "Okay, stop working out in my office."

I can't take her skinny ass...literally, her skinny, no ass-at-all ass.  Her pants hang and sag and she doesn't try to be skinny.  She has stick arms too.  I can't take it.  I need to fatten her up.

Oh, here's one...My dad told me I looked anorexic in my Halloween pictures.  He said my face was all sucked in.  I said it was because I wasn't smiling and was making a mean face.  Yesterday, my mom told me that my face is too skinny, when she was looking at the pictures.  I said it was because I wasn't smiling and then I said that I look fine when I'm smiling so she wanted to see a smiling picture.  She said that my face was still too thin and then she said, "Look at your neck, how small it is."  I said, "That's because I'm wearing a shirt (my costume) that was 20 sizes too big.  She said, "That could be it."  My face does look really skinny in those pictures, but I had to look mean so I made a face.

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