Friday, October 31, 2014

No Charro = Gym

I got to go to the gym this morning because I didn't have Charro.  She took the day off and I hopped on over to the gym.  I got a little extra sleep too, which was nice.  It was kind of nice to not have to walk down there this morning and to not have WIF.  I don't mind not having WIF.  Maybe I should cut back to one day a week, to the office where there is no scale. :)

I LOVE Halloween.  Can't wait to go out all dressed up tonight.  I love getting all dressed up for Halloween. It makes me happy.

Tomorrow is going to be cold and rainy, so after I teach my two aerobics classes, I can come home and sleep and maybe do a little baking and then babysit.  Yay.  Sunday is going to be freezing with 40 mph wind.  I am glad I am not running the stupid marathon.  I'll freeze my ass off at field hockey, but you burn more calories in the cold, so it's all good. ;)  Ha.

Back to Charro with my little cereal bowl on Monday.  She'd have to confiscate my whole cabinet to get rid of all of my mini bowls.  I have a million of them.

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