Monday, October 20, 2014

Ew, jeans shopping

So much for that feeling of not feeling fat.  That disappeared Friday night, shortly after I wrote about how I don't feel that way much.  Ha, awesome.  I went out and looked huge.  I hated my outfit.  I felt huge again the next day.  Today, I went shopping and looked huge in the mirror at TJ Maxx.  I bought jeans, not sure if I'll keep them.  I hate jeans shopping.  My hamthighs are huge and my saddlebags.  So not okay!!  Ugh.  I want to look like Sandra Bullock in The Heat, which I'm currently watching, because she is skinny and like a stick.  Must be nice.

That's all.  I'll see skinny singers tomorrow night too, which I'm sure will make me feel great about myself.

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