Monday, October 27, 2014

Bowl and heart rate monitor

Okay, so I didn't bring my little bowl to Charro today, mainly because I ran to my sesh and I didn't want it bouncing around and hitting me in the back the whole time.  

First things first, let's talk about the fact that I ran for really the first time in over 4 months.  I feel okay too.  Yay.  I stopped a lot when I had to cross the street because I didn't have the light, but it was good because my heart rate was getting too high, which normally I wouldn't care about but I want to make sure my head is okay.  I think it is! :)  I felt fine after field hockey, and surprisingly I'm not even sore from it.  Crazy.

Okay, back to the bowl.  I told Charro I would not use it until I bring it to her.  She said I have to give it to her next Monay and then the following Monday I have to give her my heart rate monitor.  Ugh, she's wanted that thing from me for a long time now and I've always managed to get away without giving it to her.  Let's see if she forgets again.  I hope so.  Then she goes, "I know you have two so you have to bring both of them to me."  Hmm, I was like, "Why do you think I have two?"  She was like, "I know you do.  You told me."  Grrr.  This is not okay.  Then she said she liked my watch so she'd get to wear it.  She said, "I was admiring your watch." 

So I had to take pictures of my lunch, preparation, eating it, and when I was done a picture of the bowl, and send it to Charro.  Of course she responded and said that I needed to have a delicious dinner.  Sure, it was good, what I ate, but it wasn't really dinner.  I suck at eating.  I can admit that.  I don't see Charro again until next week so I won't be admitting that to her because I'll probably forget by then.

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