Friday, September 12, 2014

Sweatshirt on

Charro didn't tell me to take my sweatshirt off for WIF today.  Thank Goodness.  That was probably my saving grace.  She said I was right at 102.  She said I need to keep eating and I need to stay at this weight.  Um, okay.  I joked about being done with WIF and she was like, "No."  I knew we weren't but I thought I'd say it anyway.

Oh, so I walked into the building, went upstairs and went into the bathroom, which is appropriately placed across from the OBGYN doctors.  I walked into the bathroom and the head of the ED program, like a big wig in the ED world, was in there putting on her make up.  She is never really in this building so I was shocked to see her.  I went to the bathroom and hoped that she would be gone by the time I was done, but she was still there putting on her make up.  I filled up my water bottle in the sink, because there are no water fountains to be had, and continued on my way.  I didn't change my shoes in there, I waited until I got into the waiting room.  I told Charro that I saw this woman in the bathroom and she said, "Yes, she texted me and told me that she was in the building."  Funny thing is, I saw this woman's twin (maybe it was her, but I highly doubt it) in my neck of the woods on Saturday.  I really don't think it was her because I don't think she lives near me.  I'm like "She's following me!"

Anyway, Friday turned out to be a fine day, thus far...oh, minus almost being hit by a van.  My friend saved me on that one.  We were crossing the street and we had the walk signal, and this van turned and nearly hit me.  My friend pushed me out of the way and then proceeded to yell at the woman driving, who was not paying attention at all.  A man behind us said, "She wasn't paying attention."  There was a traffic cop right there too, you think she would have looked to see what the commotion was all about, but she didn't seem to care.  At least I'm alive to talk about it.

Happy weekend!  I guess I have a busy weekend.  I didn't realize it was busy until I told someone what my plans are and she was like "Wow, you're busy."  Oh, maybe, but it's all fun so it doesn't seem busy.

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