Saturday, September 06, 2014

Stupid shake

So, do I email Charro and let her know that I'm not bringing a medium milkshake, and possible a not bringing a milkshake at all in on Monday, or do I just show up with a small or fruit smoothie instead?  Hmm, tough one.  I think she said, yesterday, something like "If you can't do this, we have problems."  Well, Houston, I guess we have a problem.  Those were not her exact words, but that was about what she said.d

I need to go teach class.  More like, I need to go workout for 9 hours, that would be better.


Laura said...

You could email and say it feels to hard to do a medium shake and lunch so could you start somewhere easier but still hard, like a fruit smoothie and lunch? (or wahtever it is you want to propose - something still hard but easier?)

PTC said...

I'll email her tomorrow. This is going to stink. It would be better if I could go running.