Thursday, September 04, 2014

She finally emailed me back

Let's see, I'm back in NYC.  The weather is great and I wish I was floating in my pool.  I talked to the woman I went on the trip with about the email situation.  She had texted me Tuesday night asking me to email her a recipe, so I asked her if she had gotten my email.  She said she hadn't checked email in over a week.  I saw her Wednesday morning at tennis and she said nothing to me about the email.  She forgot her book at my house so I dropped it off to her yesterday afternoon, at her office.  It worked out that she was on a break when I went by so I talked to her for a few minutes.  She said she had looked for my email but couldn't find it.  I resent it when I got home and she responded to it pretty quickly.  It was such a sweet email.  She said she picked up on my ED right away, but that she also picked up on what a wonderful person I am.  (She used a bunch of different adjectives but I'll keep those to myself.  All were lovely).  She said that I could talk to her about what I'm working on if I'd like, because she would be more than happy to listen.  She also said, "If you don't want to, that's fine too."  So, it was very nice.  I ended up sort of having breakfast with her this morning too, because she left her ipad at my house too.  Ha.  So, she offered to buy me breakfast, via text last night, and I said, "How about tea?"  She ate and I had tea.  I did tell her that I did eat breakfast.  She was like, "For the record?" and I said yes.

So I responded more in depth to her after receiving her email last night.  I told her that I would answer any questions she had for me.  I did mention that I might get fired from Charro, but didn't say why.  The first thing out of my friend's mouth this morning, after we sat down was, "Can I ask you why you think your therapist is going to fire you?"  I told her it was because of my weight and that I need to weigh a certain amount, etc.  We discussed that a little.  It's kind of nice to talk about this stuff with someone who is not my therapist.  She's cool.

So, that's that.  Charro tomorrow.  Hopefully I won't get fired.  I'll be posting after.


Laura said...

Haven't commented on your blog in FOREVER. But can I just say that I feel SO glad that you're talking about this with someone in addition to charro and in addition to internet people. (Not that charro and internet people aren't real). I just think it's so nice. And I wanted to express my "YAY!!!!" type of feelings to you! (it says this is from Laura. Laura as in "Now.")

PTC said...

Thanks Laura,

I hope things are going well with you.

PTC said...

Good to hear from ya.

Laura said...

Hey! Nice to "talk" to you too!

Things are going very well. I just got married to an amazing guy. I still work at an ED treatment center although I'm about to quit so that I have time to finish my dissertation, but then I have every intention of continuing to be and ED therapist in some form in some setting as soon as I can. Like your annoying head injury, I have an annoying knee injury that is driving me crazy. Mmmm, I think that's all that's new in my world. Oh, my parents moved to the area and my grandma is moving here in the winter, so that's nice :)

I've enjoyed catching up on your life via your blog in the last little bit. I'm about to start having a lot more time on my ands, so I'll probably read and comment more often.

PTC said...

Wow, congrats. That was fast, huh? Back in the day you weren't even dating. Good for you.

Sorry about your knee. That's frustrating. If it was anything but my brain, I'd still be out there doing everything, but I can't really mess with my head. I need that.

Nice that your family is close now.

Thanks for the update. I'll try not to bore you with my blog life. :) I kept a blog when I was away about my trip, that was for all of our friends and family. That was a fun one to write.

Laura said...

You're not boring me!

I met him on actually - we were in love very quickly and said as much to each other. We got engaged after a year of dating and got married after a year and a half. It was just so obvious to us (and our friends/familiy) that we wanted to get married and that it was right to get married. Just felt so sure and it felt so right. So... that's how that happened! When you know, you know. I also think the older you are, the sooner you know - and if you start a relationship without any games and with just a lot of honesty, then you also know sooner.

I think about blogging again but I wouldn't blog on my same old blog. And I don't know if I'd do a mix of personal and professional or just one or the other. I've been thinking about blogging again for a while now but have yet to start. Clients beg me to write things - and if I did blog again, it would be something where I was't anonymous this time. Idk, stuff to think about.

PTC said...

I agree, when you know you know. I know that I haven't found anyone worth going out with more than once. lol. Good for you guys!