Thursday, September 11, 2014

Remember today and WIF stuff

I can't wait for WIF tomorrow...said not me ever!!  Ugh, I hate WIF.  I got my hair cut so now I'm going to weigh less.  I'll make sure I tell Charro she needs to add a half a pound back on for my chopped off hair.  Ha.  

Lots to talk about tomorrow.  Well, not really "lots" but stuff.

Oh, let's talk about how I cannot wait until I can start working out like a real person and running 900 miles, which will then probably mess up my hip again or something.  Who knows, I don't care.  I can't take my stomach rolls.  I just need to run, run, run.

Charro and I discussed hair while I was eating my stupid lunch the other day.  She was talking about how thick my hair is and how thick her son's hair is and how she never gets all of the shampoo out of it.  She said, "You must have to stand in the shower forever trying to get all of that out of your hair."  Ha.  She's funny.

I just realized I never finished writing this.  Well, I'm done.

I can't help but mention what happened 13 years ago today.  As I look out my window, I see the two beams of light...ghosts of where the Twin Towers once stood.  That horrific day seems like forever ago, yet sort of like yesterday.  I'm remembering all of those lives that where lost, no, not lost, they were murdered, and all of the heroes that day.

Oh wait, this is funny.  Charro was telling me that I should call someone or something when I start to freak out.  So, I started to tell her about how I called my friend when I went running.  I said, "I called T when I...Oh, I didn't tell you that story...when I went running."  She chimes in and goes, "You went running!!!??"  Then I got a lecture about how I'm not supposed to be running with my concussion and I told her I was testing it out.  It was just funny how I got caught throwing myself under the bus.  ha.

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