Monday, August 25, 2014

The milkshake

I saw Charro today and she asked me how my eating has been, and if I have been eating more.  I have been eating more, but ironically, I just weighed myself and I weigh less.  Figure that one out.  If my scale is correct, I've lost 2 pounds since last week.  It really makes no sense, especially since I've been eating more.  There is no way that Charro won't fire me on Friday.  I'm screwed.  Today she was like, "this isn't a one time deal, you need to stay at this weight.  So, if you're loading, or whatever, it's not going to work."  I said, "I figured this wasn't just a one time deal, you'd weigh me and we'd be done with it."  She said, "Good."  Well, regardless, I think I'm screwed on Friday. 

I will hopefully be going to see my doctor tomorrow about my head, if she doesn't go into labor.  I have to call in the morning.  If I go, I'll get weighed there and I'll have a better idea as to whether my scale is correct.

So in two Mondays, since I won't see Charro next Monday because it's Labor Day, I have to bring a McDonald's milkshake to my sesh and drink it.  I said, "You won't remember."  I shouldn't have said that because she then put a reminder in her phone about it.  Oh well.  I said, "If I get fired, I won't get to drink a milkshake in here."  She said that she believes in me and that I will be okay on Friday.  Well, I disagree.  It will be an interesting, and possible stressful Friday morning.

I really hope my doctor doesn't have her baby in the next few days so I can see her tomorrow.

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