Monday, August 18, 2014

My welcome back

I'm back...and it stinks.  I want to be back out in the wild west.  It was ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!  I really just can't stop saying that.  It was the trip of a lifetime.  

So my nice welcome back from Charro is that she's going to start weighing me again and I have to weigh 103 or she won't see me.  I was like, really!  I said to her, "We've been down this road many times before and it's gotten us no where."  So, I was mad for a little bit but now I sort of have the "I don't care" attitude.  I'm not going to gain that weight by next Friday.  I have no plans to gain that weight by next Friday.  So, next Friday will probably be my last sesh with her for a while.  I'll save some money.  I don't think I really care right now if she fires me.  Eh, we'll see how I feel about it later on, but that's how I feel right now.  

I should have lied to her when she asked me what I weighed at the doctor.  If I had lied, we wouldn't be in this predicament.  So annoying.  I'm so over this weighing business.

My doctor wanted me to call her today, so I'm waiting for a call back.  I have a feeling I won't get one.  They actually called me with test results and I told the secretary that the doctor wanted me to call and check in about my head, but I have a feeling she didn't pass the message along that I need to talk to her.  That's also annoying.

I need to go back to Wyoming where I don't have to deal with stuff.

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