Sunday, July 27, 2014

You look juicy

I was heading out the door to the gym this morning and my doorman said something to me.  I didn't hear him so I asked what he said and then he asked me if I had gained weight.  Really??  Did you just ask me that??  Seriously?  I know I haven't been running for 6 weeks and I haven't been doing cardio the way I'd like, so now you've just confirmed my fear...that I've gained weight.  (The scale doesn't prove that, but I do feel mushier).  Then he said that I looked "juicy."  What the hell does that mean??  I look "juicy!"  Is that another word from plump?  I don't know what any of this means, but I'm not happy about it.  I was already self conscious of being out of shape and now this.  Awesome.  I can't wait to tell Charro this one tomorrow.

I was hoping to lay out and nap all day, but the weather is not cooperating.  Instead, I shall clean and make lists of things I need, and need to pack.  I'll be productive.

I'm going to try and not be so "juicy" too.

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