Friday, July 11, 2014

Too soon

I jumped the gun last night.  I was a week free of concussion symptoms so I thought it would be okay to bounce around and jump rope.  Well, I was wrong.  Back to square one.  Sucks a big one.  I think I'll be out of commission (running and high impact and field hockey) for longer than I would like.  Not cool.  I'll talk to my doctor on Tuesday. 

So Charro is good to go on Fridays, for a little bit at least.  That's good.  She's raising her fees too, which sucks, but she's still a lot cheaper than anyone else around here.  She didn't weigh me today, which was also nice.

I met an Italian guy on my way home, but he's probably gay.  He works at some face cream store.  He'd be perfect for me.  He's Italian, like moved here 5 years ago Italian, and he's a chef.  Yum!  Oh well.

I have to make some dessert for a party tomorrow.  I have a date tomorrow night too, not sure of the game plan yet.  

It was really depressing to walk in the park and see all of those people running and being unable to do it myself.  That sucks.  I've gotten SO out of shape in the past three weeks.  I can't take it.  I'm going to start freaking out in a minute about this.

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