Monday, July 14, 2014

The unplanned, planned restriction

My day didn't turned out as planned, meal-wise, but it was okay.  I was meeting up with my friend after Charro, so we could go look at cats and then go to lunch.  Well, my friend tends to talk so by the time we got to lunch (at 3:30) the place was closed for a siesta.  So, we tried to go to a few other places and then just ended up back in my neighborhood.  So, our lunch turned into dinner at 5 PM, which by that time, I was famished.  Funny thing is, I wasn't planning on having much of a dinner after lunch because, as ridiculous as it might sound, I want to weigh less for my doctor's appointment tomorrow.  Anyway, so I ended up just eating breakfast and dinner and didn't finish my dinner, which would not make Charro happy, but I got full fast, probably because I was so hungry.

I told Charro how I wanted to restrict today and how I wanted to weigh less for my appointment tomorrow. At least I was honest.

We'll see how it all goes tomorrow.

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