Tuesday, July 15, 2014

The appointment recap

It's done.  It's over.  It went well.  I went to the doctor for my physical.  She came in and was like, "I haven't see you since your physical last year, I guess that's a good thing."  I said yes and we talked for a second and then she asked if there was anything and I told her that I got a concussion a few weeks ago.  We talked about that for a bit and then I said, "I guess I should tell you that I've had an ED for 20 years."  She was totally cool and was like, "Which one?  Anorexia?  Bulimia?"  I said, "I guess more anorexia, but it's okay."  She asked me if I was seeing anyone for it and I said yes.  She asked me her name so I spelled it for her.  She asked if she was a therapist of a psychiatrist.  I told her.  She was like, "Thank you for spelling that for me."  She asked me if I liked her and I said, "Yes, I like her a lot.  I've been seeing her for 7 years."  She asked me if I ever didn't get my period and I said no.  She asked me if I ever had a bone scan and I said no and she said, you should probably get one.  Do you want to do it here or NY?  I said, "probably NY," and she said that she'd just give me a script and I could take it.  I think that was it for the ED stuff.   She left so I could put on the paper items and when she came back she asked me what Charro had put for my diagnosis, if she had put anorexia, and I told her no.  She said, "Okay, I'll change that because insurance is really bad about all of this stuff."  She said she might just put ammenorhea on there instead.  I told her I could get the code and call her with it, but she said that wasn't necessary.  She said she'd check on some stuff.  Then she said she didn't know if I needed to get the bone scan since I never lost my period.  She said she'd check and tell me when she calls me about my blood work.  I think that was about it.  I really love my doctor.  She's so nice and cool.  We talked about other stuff, like my upcoming trip because she was just there in May.  She's having a baby in Sept. so hopefully I won't need to see her for a while after that.

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