Monday, July 28, 2014

No elliptical, no sir

It's possible the Charro told me not to work out, I'm not quite sure.  I do know that she told me not to do the elliptical, but that is not going to happen.  I'll keep doing it.  It's not a lot of bouncing, even though she thinks it is.  I felt good for two days, and then today, not so great.  I got a little dizzy on the elliptical (the more bouncy one), so I moved to the bike.  This is just so frustrating.

I do know that Charro told me not to weigh myself until September.  Now that will definitely not happen.  I'm getting weighed at the doctor next week, so I will know what my weight is, plus, I'll probably weigh myself before I even go to the doctor so I know what I weigh when I go to the doctor.  I'm sure that makes no sense, but I get it.  I should listen to her, but when I get back from my trip, I'm going to need to weigh myself because I'll be away for 8 days, eating not the way I want, and not exercising.  UGH!!  I am already so out of shape, now I'm going to be fat and out of shape.  I can't take it.

In other news, I did not eat enough today.  I was out most of the day.  I'm sure I'll wake up starving, but I'm not hungry not to eat more.  I'm just tired.

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