Sunday, July 13, 2014

Gearing up

I go to the doctor on Tuesday for my physical, which means that I should not have been eating all weekend and I should eat really healthy tomorrow so I can weigh less.  Messed up thinking?  Maybe.  I don't want to weigh a lot when I go, especially since I have to tell her about my ED.  I'm more interested in discussing my concussion with her.

So I walked over 20 miles this past week, which is okay, and worked out, but not at a high intensity.  I'm severely out of shape right now because of this damn concussion and it's NOT okay!!  Ugh.  I hate it and I am probably getting bigger by the minute.  Honestly though, my bigger concern is about my lack of cardiovascular fitness level right now.  I'm a little concerned that I still have symptoms.  We'll see what the doc says.

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