Thursday, July 03, 2014

Fat is back

(Not that it ever left)

Awesome.  I'm feeling really fat and I have to go teach aerobics and not really do any activity because of my head.  Not okay!  My stomach is huge.  I'm wearing a shirt that's not fitted so hopefully my fat can't be seen. I want to throw up.  I hate this feeling.

One of my friends was supposed to be staying with me today through the weekend but now she has to work.  I have a couple of bbqs to go to tomorrow and then am watching the fireworks.  I was going to watch them from my roof but now I'm going elsewhere to watch them.

I really hope I can run next week.  I'm planning on it, that's for sure.  Maybe Sunday I can run.  That will be two weeks since getting clocked in the head, so maybe that's not enough time.  I need to do it though.

Oh, so this is what Charro said to me yesterday when I told her that my BP and heart rate would be sky high when I go see my doctor because I'll be so nervous about telling her about my ED.  She goes, "Why is it so hard.  She sees up your."  It was so funny.  I was like, "No she doesn't."  She goes, "Whatever, she sees a lot."  Ha.

I hope I don't get stuck in a huge storm on my way home tonight.  I need to stop at the store.  Cherries are $1.99/lb.  Woo hoo.  I can eat a lot of them and clean out my system.  I ate salad and a mango today, so that should help too.  Maybe I'll feel lighter.

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