Monday, July 21, 2014

A second attempt

I thought I'd try to get Charro to allow me to bring my "sticks" with me to Wyoming, or at least buy them at a  store there.  I said, "I have a plan..." and then went into the same spiel that I went into on Friday.  I played it off like it was the first time I had this idea and that I never mentioned it before.  After we discussed it I said,
"Just in case you thought that I was brain dead, I am aware that we already discussed this on Friday, but I thought I'd bring it up again."  She said that that was okay, that we're allowed to discuss the same things over and over again.

I called my doctor's office to get my blood work, but I haven't heard back.  I'm guessing that I might not today, since it's 5 PM already.  Although, maybe the doctor will call me.  I also said that I had a few questions for her.  I'm guessing that if I don't hear from her by 5:30, I'll get a call tomorrow.  Charro thought it was weird that I have them fax me my blood work.  I think she thought it was an ED thing, but I told her that my parents always tell me to get the results from any blood work or tests that I have done so I can keep track of everything.  So, I do.

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