Monday, June 30, 2014

The accidental run

I ran by mistake today.  I totally forgot and ran from my car to my sister's house because I was running late (it was all of 50 feet) and was going to miss my train.  Well, my head felt it.

In other news, Charro is back.  I told her about my concussion.  She asked if I went to the doctor.  I told her that I hadn't but I consulted with one.  She said, "It's good that you're not working out."  Um, I never said I wasn't working out.  I said, I wasn't running and didn't play field hockey.  I never said I wasn't working out.  I'm still working out, but at a very low (not even worth it) intensity.  I just want to run and now I'm going to be so out of shape.  This sucks.

My mouth is still hurting.  I went to the dentist this morning but she didn't say anything about my mouth pain, she just fixed something she did to me last week.  I have some Ambisol, but I think it's from 1987, so I may die from it.  I put it in my mouth but it didn't do much.  I'll have to try again.  I'll take some Ibuprofen before bed.

So I see Charro on Wednesday in Kruger's office.  How bizarre is that?  That's going to be weird.

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