Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Separating myself

This is how I can tell that part of me wants to be healthier...I've sort of cut out the unhealthy, eating disordered people from my life.  I have one friend at home who's like a big sister to me.  I love her to death but she's so incredibly anorexic and looks horrible that I don't want to be around her.  Now, her daughter is anorexic too.  I'm surprised it took 22 years for that to happen.  I just don't want to be around people that make me feel like I shouldn't be eating.  Part of me is jealous that she's so thin and sort of fit looking, the other part of me thinks, do you clients see this?  (She's a personal trainer and spin instructor).  

Another person, more of an acquaintance, is trying to touch base with me again but I cannot hang out with her.  She's all disordered and nuts.  No thank you.

In the olden days, I'd only want to hang out with disordered people...not so much anymore.  I guess that's a good thing.  Charro would think so.

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