Friday, June 13, 2014

Run to lunch

The rain stopped just in time for me to go out for a run.  My game plan was to run downtown to my favorite little cafe, but it was pouring rain all morning.  They (weather people) said it would stop and then start up again in the afternoon, so I had a window.  

My running has surprised me.  I've been using the Runkeeper app and according to it, I'm running faster than I thought I do.  I'm also stopping at street corners, which it does not account for, so I'm actually running even faster than it thinks I am, which is cool...if it's accurate.

So, it was 4.5 miles to lunch.  I got there all sweaty, but it's okay.  I had a nice sandwich, tea and a little dessert thing and made my way home.  I took the bus home, I did not run. 

My mom commented about me going to eat alone and that I should wait until one of my friends could go.  I said, lots of people eat alone in NY and you never know who I'll meet sitting there.  Well, low and behold, I met a cute guy.  I struck up a conversation with him and we chatted a bit.  There was no exchange of numbers, but maybe I'll see him there again...I hope. :)

So my run was good.  My lunch was good.  I'm nice and clean now, well, sort of because I did some planting when I got home.  I like gardening.  I find it to be very relaxing, much like baking.  I'll have to remember that when I'm freaking out about something.

Maybe if I keep running my legs will get smaller.  Well, I doubt that, but a girl can dream.  

I'm supposed to go out with a friend tonight, I think, unless she doesn't decide to come out this way.  She works overnights so that's a possibility.  I'm guessing she'll be too tired to go out.

Why am I hungry already?  Okay, I guess my sandwich was pretty small, so that could be it.  That's what Charro would say to me so I'm channeling my inner Charro.  ha.

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