Sunday, June 01, 2014

I missed my sesh

I had a dream that I missed my sesh with Charro.  I was late so I ran there because I thought it would be faster than taking the subway.  Well, I got lost.  At first I thought I'd only be 10 minutes late so I texted her from my dad's phone, because I didn't know where mine was, and told her that "I was coming."  I kept running and when there was no response from me I realized that she wouldn't have known that I had sent her the text because it wasn't from my phone.  I tried to text her again, while running, and I couldn't type on the phone.  It was my old LG phone that opens and has the keyboard, so I ripped it apart and broke it so the phone no longer worked.  I was able to put it back together.  I kept running.  I realized I was so far away still and then I had gone past where her office is.  Then I was at a bridge and couldn't figure out how to get to her office, then was at Madison Square Garden and didn't know which way to go to get to 6th Avenue.  It was a stressful dream.  I never made it to my sesh.

Agenda for the day:  Run in the park soon, lay out, meet up with a friend in the park.  The end.

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