Monday, June 09, 2014

Buon Viaggio

Buon Viaggio.  Today was my last day with Charro for three weeks.  She's off to Italy.  I told her how fat I've been feeling and how sometimes it's hard to ignore that intense feeling and how it may lead to me not eating well.  She said that I have a choice, but I tried to tell her that it doesn't really seem like much of a choice when your thoughts and feelings are so intense.  She believes I can do it, but I have my doubts.  I told her how I want to be concave and she thinks that's gross.  I disagree and think a concave stomach looks good.  I told her that I sucked my stomach in the other day and I liked the way it looked.  I told her about the awful full-body bikini beach shot that my mom took of me and my huge hamthings.  I told her I'm going to show it to her so she can see my legs.  She said, "I'll be honest with you."  I said, "No you won't.  You would never tell me that they are huge."  She goes, "That's because they're NOT!"  I said, "Well, even if they were this big (showing her with my hands) you still wouldn't tell me they were big."  

I'm going to enjoy the next three weeks and not wish them away because I don't want to wish summer away.  I have a lot going on, lots of friends and family coming to stay with me, so it will be good.  Charro's vacation timing was perfect. :)  As far as what I do with my eating, we'll see.  Oh, I just remembered that I'm not suppose to weigh myself over the next three weeks.  Hmm, that's not going to happen. 


Dr. Deb said...

Jus stopping by to say hello. I hope you have a good respite.

PTC said...

Thanks. We'll see how it goes.