Monday, June 02, 2014

A look back

I'm reading my friend's newly released book, "Does Every Woman Have an Eating Disorder," which I just received in the mail today.  I decided it's a good time to take a look back and write about all of the crazy things I did over the past 21 years to try to lose weight and stave off hunger.  I'll just list them.  I'm sure I'll forget some of the things I've done.

  • Hours on the stairmaster in my basement while wearing a raincoat so I'd sweat more.  I'd play Nintendo so my parents didn't know what I was doing and because it helped pass the time.
  • Wrapping my body in Saran Wrap so I'd sweat out excess water and get thinner.  (I knew it was water weight, but it didn't matter)
  • Take diet pills.  Different ones throughout many years.  My friend and I would take turns buying them and secretly pass them along to each other.
  • Drink vinegar because I heard from a wrestler that it helped you lose weight.  I figured it must be burning away at everything (including my stomach lining, I'm sure), and that will help me lose weight.
  • Drinking excessive amounts of water so I could throw up the 2 bites of ice cream I had
  • Throwing myself over the kitchen sink to help the above process along.
  • Drinking large amounts of tea and diet coke so I wouldn't eat.
  • Eating fireballs all day long so I wouldn't eat.
  • Measuring out the circle inside my house so I knew how many times I'd have to run it to equal a mile.  I'd go 44 times in one direction and then reverse it.  I quickly learned to close the curtains so my neighbor across the street didn't see me running around in circles inside my house.
I think that's it as far as the kind of crazy things go.  Then there were the more normal things like:
  • Working out at the gym everyday before going to sports practices.
  • Not really eating much of anything.
  • Working out twice a day (between high school and college)
  • Weighing myself almost 100 times per day.
  • Counting how long I'd pee for because I figured 10 seconds equaled 1 pound.
That's pretty much it.  Working out when I'm sick or injured was (sort of still is) the norm.  Charro always said how great it would be if I had to have hip surgery because I'd be forced to not work out.  I, however, disagree with that 100 percent.  

So, those were my crazy days.  I'm not as crazy as I use to be...That's a good thing.  Oh ya, the heart rate monitor, that's still in my life as I wrote about in my last post.  It's fine.  I want a Fitbit but Charro would totally kill me if I got one of those.  I'd be super duper obsessed.

I wanted to write this post so I can look back and remember all of the crazy things I've done.  I think it's good to have.


J said...

Wow, that's really brave of you to actually think about and even document all of those things. I haven't decided if I'm brave enough to do the same ;) I'm glad you're not as obsessed as before.

PTC said...

Brave or stupid!!! Not sure which. Probably stupid.