Wednesday, May 07, 2014

Running and breakfast

It's Spring again, at least for a day.  Tomorrow it's going to be cold and rainy again, until it warms up this weekend.

I went for a run in the park.  I didn't feel like running, but was going to do it anyway.  Then, I ended up running with one of my friends, planned before either of us went out to run, and that was good.  I ran farther than I would have, but a little slower than I would have too, but that's okay.  I've realized that I can't pace myself and run too fast when I run by myself.  I actually could have run longer, but that's okay.  Although, when I got home and was stretching and saw all of the fat rolls blubbering over my shorts, I should have run longer.

I had my breakfast challenge this morning.  I ate 2 pieces of raisin bread, one with peanut butter, one with light butter.  I missed my sticks.  I feel like my sticks are healthier and will fill me up more.  I'm supposed to have something tomorrow too, but I'm not sure what I will have.  Maybe I'll make egg whites.  That won't really fly, I'm sure, but whatever.  Charro would want me to eat the entire egg, but that's not happening.  Eggs gross me out.

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