Friday, May 23, 2014

Really no more WIF after this

Charro informed me this morning that she is going to be in a different office on Friday mornings, and you know what that means??  NO MORE WIF!!!  The office I see her in on Fridays (and sometimes Wednesday) is where she works for the day treatment program, which means, there is a scale.  Her Monday office has no scale.  Her Friday office will most likely have no scale.  :)  This is good news for me.  Yay.  I'm sure if I see her at her current office on a Wednesday, which I do sometimes, I'll get weighed.  After all, she'll want to check in on that situation.

We had a good sesh today.  I asked her if she could tell when I'm uncomfortable talking about something.  She was like, "Um, ya!  You're whole body language changes."  I was like, "Yah, I know too.  I refuse to make eye contact with you."  We discussed that.  I also told her about the dream I had where she was in my apartment and I was completely naked and trying to take a shower.  My entire rack of clothes were hanging in the shower like it was a closet and I had to get in there and try to shower with them all.  She kept seeing me naked and I did not like it.  (That's an easy one to analyze).  The father of a girl I coach was there too.  Weird.  

I had a really great dream about my old cat too.  She was sleeping on my chest, like she always did.  I'm sure she came to visit me because she knows I'm missing my other cat (her brother), who is at my house.  I'll see him tomorrow and bring him back here with me next week.  I love those dreams.  I know she was here with me.

Gotta run.  Meeting some friends.

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