Sunday, May 11, 2014

Perfect weather on Mom's Day

It is the most perfect day weather-wise today.  Unfortunately, I was inside much of the day, hanging out with a friend after a nice brunch.  I got to meet her cats.  I hung outside for a little, and took a nap out there, when I got home.  Tonight, dinner with some friends.  I'll see my mom this week.

I'm still full from brunch and don't want to eat dinner.  I have two hours before I go to dinner, but I feel like I've eaten enough today.  I'll eat some dinner.  I won't finish my dinner, which is what Charro says I need to do, but it's okay.  I feel like eating today means that I don't really need to eat tomorrow, like I can slack off at meal time and not have real meals.  Whatever happens, happens.  I'll most likely weigh myself when I go home this week, which I don't think I'm supposed to do, but I need to see how much I weigh since Charro said my weight was "good" last week.  That means I've gained weight.

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