Monday, May 26, 2014

Now I'm just getting fat

So here's the deal...I've gained like 50 pounds and I need to get that the hell off of me.  It's so NOT okay.  I will get it off, I always do.  Charro goes away in 2 weeks and I'm guessing that I'll lose weight at that time...I hope.  I'm not okay with this.  I'm also not okay with the fact that I am less careful with what I eat and therefore I'm eating more, different things that I wouldn't allow myself before.  I don't like that.  It was better when I was scared of everything and only ate like three things.  I need to care more.  Being less obsessive is making me fat. Blah!!!!!!!


J said...

Breathe !! I'm really happy for you that you're less obsessive ;) and I guarantee you haven't gained 50lbs! We women get bloated sometimes if we try new things . May be sodium related. Probably water-weight. But honestly don't freak out. You are on a road to healthy thinking and that's a good thing! Going backwards and sticking with 3 foods and strict rules may be familiar and safe feeling but it's an illusion. Give yourself some time to adjust... Be kind to yourself. You deserve health to the fullest :)

PTC said...

Thanks J. :) I'm feeling better today, mainly because my weight is back to what it was. I can't stand this business! xx