Thursday, May 08, 2014

Insurance can bite me

I started my day in a a bad mood because I had to call my insurance company for the 9 millionth time.  Seriously, they cannot do anything right or timely and it's really beyond incredibly frustrating and it really pisses me off beyond believe.  Do you freaking jobs people!!!  It's not that hard.  Get it done and get it done right!!  Ugh, I can't take it anymore.

Charro's not thrilled with my breakfast choices.  Today I had a yogurt and toast.  I was not "enough" or "enough of a variety."  She wanted to know where the omelette, french toast, muffins where.  Um, sorry to break it to you, honey, I am NOT eating a muffin.  No way.  Let me consume 800 calories of nothing nutritious and a ton of fat.  No thank you.  Tomorrow I'm just going to go back to my cereal.  Enough with this crap.  I will be in a rush in the morning and my cereal is easy and that's what I'll eat.  Oh, Charro said she was going to weigh me tomorrow too.  Woo hoo.  Oh how I love WIF backwards.  So not into it at all.

I need to call some clients and fake being in a good mood now.  It's freezing in my apartment but the heat won't come on because it's over 50 degrees out.  Really, those 4 degrees aren't helping me any.

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