Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Charro breakfast dream

So Charro was in my dream last night.  This is a long one and I'll hopefully remember everything, although I'm sure I'm remember other details later.  So, here's how it goes.

Charro took the train home with me because she needed to be in my town early the next morning for something. We got to my house late and went right to bed.  My house was huge and beautiful too, I remember commenting on how pretty one window section looked with the lights.  We woke up very early the next morning, and that's when I noticed that there was a huge party at my house.  I remember thinking about how I needed to get her out of the house before anyone saw her and asked who she was.  She went into the bathroom to get ready, and I thought she was just going to get ready and then I'd take her to where she needed to be.  She came into my room and was still in my pjs.  I think we talked for a second and then went downstairs.  To get downstairs, we had to climb over my sister, who was in her bed at the top of the stairs.  Her bed was blocking the stairs and she was passed out asleep.  We got over her and went downstairs.  It was still dark out.  I thought I was going to get Charro right out the door but my dad was in the kitchen.  He asked her if she wanted breakfast.  I was nervous because I didn't want him to know who she was.  She said yes and then he asked her if he wanted an omelette.  She said yes.  So my dad got this huge pot out of the fridge and it had this big egg, potato and other stuff mixture.  I looked and thought that that was weird.  I also thought Charro was in a rush and wouldn't want to wait for eggs, but I guess I was wrong.  My dad told her that he'd take her downtown, and I was like, "No, I'll do it!" thinking I could go straight to the gym after dropping her off.  I went upstairs to get something and decided to get dressed for the gym.  I was taking my sweet time and then I realized that I needed to hurry or Charro would be driving with my dad and then he might find out who she was.  So, I got downstairs and I think my mom was down there now too.  Charro now had a big box on the table with hot iron curler things.  I remember thinking, that's weird and I thought she was in a rush.  I opened the fridge and asked her if she wanted juice or any thing.  She goes, "No thanks, but you should have some juice."  I gave her a look.  Then I saw a piece of baguette in there.  I took it out and turned to my mom and asked her if she had made it because it looked good.  She said no and Charro said, "You should have a piece or two toasted."  Again, I gave her a look.  She was trying to get me to eat and drink things that I wouldn't normally have.  That's really all I remember.

Back to real life, I'm supposed to get a muffin and eat the whole thing this morning.  That's like my worst nightmare.  Muffins are stupid and not healthy and filled with calories and fat and sugar and carbs and again, not healthy.  This sucks a big one.  Stupid muffin.  I am less than thrilled about this.  I tried to find nutrition information online about the places near me with muffins, but had no luck.  Charro told me not to look at any calories, but whatever.  I looked at a few places and found nothing.  One place sells yogurt muffins, so that's what I'm going to go with.  They're probably not really any healthier, but who knows.  

Time to shower.


J said...

Bran muffins are good...
Good job :) You're a superstar!

PTC said...

Not so much, but thanks.