Sunday, May 18, 2014


It's funny how the days I have absolutely nothing planned end up being my busiest days.  I woke up and went for a run in the park, veered off to meet some friends in town.  I hung out with them for a while and as soon as I walked in my door I got a text from another friend to join her and our other friend for a late lunch.  Didn't have time to shower so I changed my clothes and washed my face and went downtown.  Now I'm back and showered and beat.  I didn't drink enough water today so I'm trying to down it now.  I was starving by the time we ate lunch, at 3 PM, because I hadn't eaten since breakfast this morning.  Now I'm so full.  I didn't even eat that much so I don't know why I'm so full, but I am.  That's fine.  I don't have to worry about dinner.

Charro tomorrow.  It's supposed to be nice out so I'll probably run down there instead of going to the gym.  I hope to go to bed early tonight.  I don't see why I wouldn't be able to.

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