Friday, May 16, 2014

A weighty text

Last night I got out of class and had literally 20 text messages on my phone.  I was like, "huh!?"  Then I looked and it was everyone who's going on the trip this summer heights and weights.  I guess my friend needed it for the horse back riding.  Crazy.  So I was like, this is interesting and I texted back my height/weight.  I didn't give a crap.  I  wonder if the ED therapist looked it and thought anything.  I'm guessing she didn't, but now she knows what I weigh.

I had a good sesh with Charro this morning.  We talked about the muffin eating and all of that stuff.  We talked about the dream I had that she was in.  We talked about my friend who is driving me insane.  That as about it.  I think I'll be able to take some good notes when I listen to the sesh.  Charro dropped the F bomb a lot today.  She kept apologizing and I was like, "Eh, just go with it.  You've already said it like twice in 5 minutes, so you should just swear this whole time."

Oh, speaking of Charro, I need to email her about something before I forget.

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