Monday, April 21, 2014

The phone sesh from my car

I had a phone sesh with Charro today.  It will be good that I'm talking to her three times this week.  I'm seeing her on Wed. and Friday.  She asked me if I had weighed myself, and I told her I did.  Luckily she didn't ask me how much I weighed or I would have been in big trouble.  I guess she figures that she weighed me on Friday so she knows my weight.  She was also not very thrilled with my food log, especially Friday's meals.  I knew that would be the case.  

I think Wednesday and Friday will be some interesting seshes.  Hopefully she doesn't re-instate the "I'm going to fire you" rule.  That would REALLY suck.  She said she wouldn't, but I wouldn't put it past her.  She said, "You need to be up when I weigh you on Friday."  Yep, ok.

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