Tuesday, April 01, 2014

No foolin' here

I emailed Charro last night to tell her how much I wanted to weigh myself when I got home.  She emailed me back this morning and asked me how it went, and if I had managed to stay off the scale.  So far, I have.  I really, really want to weigh myself though.  I want to make sure I haven't gained 50 million pounds.  Ugh.  I feel so fat and flabby and I don't like it one bit.  I hate it, actually.  I hate how I (probably we) go in waves with this...feeling pretty good and like "I've got this" and then not so good and fat and gross and wanting to leave out of food and stuff.  Blah.  

My feet are cold.  

It's finally April.  I hope it warms up.  I want Spring!!  (Actually, I want summer, but I'll take Spring over what we've been having for now).

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