Thursday, April 10, 2014

Another cancelled sesh

So Charro canceled again for Friday.  That's 3 seshes in a row.  She said that "everything is fine" and she just wants to take time to fully recover, but I'm not sure I'm buying that.  No one stays out of work that long because they're sick.  I think there's something going on.

I guess my eating hasn't been all that great, meaning that I don't have anything here that I want to make for lunch or dinner.  I could go to the store and get stuff, but I don't even know what I would want to make to eat, so going to the store wouldn't even be helpful.  Oh well, apparently I don't really care.

So Charro emailed to to cancel and said, "I hope you're kicking Carmine's butt out of the ball park."  Ya, that's probably not happening.  Her being gone means I just have more time to work out, not really what she'd want to hear, but I'm happy about it.

I can't believe Cabaret is on Broadway again (or still).  I found it to be pretty boring, and I love musicals.  I don't think my parents really loved it either.

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