Thursday, March 27, 2014

Stupid insurance

I am SOOOO fed up with my freaking insurance company.  I've had pending claims for 3 months now.  They really, REALLY need to get it together.  I call them every week and email them.  Seriously, this is ridiculous.  Charro re-faxed my invoices from January and February last Monday and they have no evidence of this.  I will resubmit them...AGAIN next week when I get them from her.  Seriously, are they incompetent?  I think they might be.  I should not have to wait 3 months (or longer) to have a claim processed.  I can't get my medication because CVS doesn't know that I've met my deductible because BCBS doesn't even know that I've met my deductible.  You know why??  Because they haven't processed my freaking claims!!!  I'm going to lose it on them, I really am.

I can't decide if I should eat dinner now or after I teach aerobics.  I'm so freaking tired, I can't wait to be home and showered.

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