Saturday, March 22, 2014

Random sentences

The sun is supposed to come out.  It's warm, at least for today.  I need to clean.  I'm supposed to meet up with two different friends at some point today.  I need to bake for the friends I'm having over tomorrow.  I don't feel like walking anymore today.  My cat spilled an entire class of water all over my stuff, including my recorder, which I soaked in rice and now seems to be working.  My cat likes Popcorners, as do I.  My teeth hurt, most likely from the acidity from all the grapefruits I've been eating.  I need to get on it and eat more before they go bad.  Are they ever going to find the missing plane?  I don't think so.  I'm watching "Too Cute," which means I most likely won't get anything done.  My cat is too cute and sleeping next to me, which is why I'm still sitting on the couch and not dusting.  It seems to be getting cloudier out rather then sunny.  I love cats.  My cat does not respond to the meowing on TV.  I guess he's smart.  He will not be happy when I stand up.  I was out late last night.  I went to a weird show.  My friend and I thought it was quite bizarre.  I need to re-paint my nails.  I need to look at the recipe for what I'm making tomorrow so I can go out and get  the ingredients.  

That's it for random thoughts.

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