Sunday, March 09, 2014


I love how I have a cold, after I almost got over being sick.  Oh well, at least I don't feel like crap, which is a good thing. 

I skipped the gym today.  I didn't really even give it a second thought.  I'm just relaxing and cleaning.  I worked out every day, so this was my day off.

I'm not really hungry, probably because I'm eating 10 tons of phlegm.  I may go out to brunch with some friends.  I hate "brunch."  I eat breakfast and I eat lunch, I don't need to combine the two into one.  I will eat lunch, well, probably an egg white omelette and that will be lunch.  I never have eggs for breakfast.  Yuck.

Next week at this time I'll be sitting my bum on the beach.  That makes me quite happy. :)

So Charro said that she's going to make me drink a more caloric drink next time we eat.  She said she's going to bring me chocolate milk.  I said, "skim?" and she said no.  Ugh, that is really going to suck.  She told me that I should really have whole milk because that's what they would give me IP.  Well, I'm not IP so I don't need skim milk, thank you very much.  I can't really even deal with 1% in my mini bowl of cereal.  I probably put like a quarter cup of milk in my cereal every day, so it's not like I'm getting a lot of fat in that bowl of cereal.  We'll see when this chocolate milk situation happens, if it does.

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