Thursday, March 20, 2014


I'm back up North, to a gross, grey sky.  I almost threw up on the plane last night.  The last 40 minutes were not pleasant.

I saw the most beautiful sunrise yesterday morning and got some great pics too. :)  I had a decent run on the beach and a better day laying on the beach.  The water was pretty rough and there was a big undertoe and a rip tide, so they lifeguards pulled everyone out at one point.  I LOVE the ocean.

Back to reality.  Charro tomorrow.  She said she was going to weigh me, but we'll see.  She's been saying that and it hasn't happened, so who really knows.  I wish I could weigh myself to see what happened while I was away, but I can't.  Well, I actually can, there's a scale at the gym and I'll be there tonight.

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