Monday, March 03, 2014

Everything bagel

Ew, that's what I had for lunch today.  Charro was supposed to get sandwiches but we ended up with everything bagels with cream cheese and tomato.  EW!  I will NEVER get rid of my onion breath.  How can people eat those things?  I was disappointed in our lunch.  Juice, by the way was an apple juice juice box.  I asked her if she stole it from her son's lunch box, but she said no.  

So, other than feeling full, I feel fine.  The juice was doable at 120 calories for the entire thing.  I just have to think of it as dessert or something and not think about the pointless calories and grams of sugar it had.  I don't know what the hell I'll have for dinner tonight.  I won't have much time to grab dinner so who knows what I'll end up with.  If I just eat a yogurt she will kill me.

So I'm supposed to go up something for Lent, according to Charro.  Every year I tell her that I'm not Catholic, but she doesn't seem to care.  She wants me to give up weighing myself again, which I did last year.  Or she wants me to either only workout 4 days a week (not going to happen), or add something into my life (food), or no eat cereal for 40 days and eat something else like muffins, croissants, bagels, pancakes, you get the point.  That's not going to happen, so I'm not sure what I'll do.  Maybe I'll just go for the scale again, that's the easiest of the bunch.

Charro did not mention anything about my heart rate monitor and bringing it into her on Friday.  I wonder if she's counting on me to take charge and bring them in on my own, which will most definitely NOT happen.  I'm keeping those babies!  She supposed to weigh me on Friday too, we'll see if that happens.  So much up in the air.  

I'm cold and tired and my contacts are crusted into my eyes and I have to go back outside.  I hate winter.  I'm so pissed that we didn't get the huge snow storm that we were supposed to get because then my afternoon activities would have been canceled.

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