Monday, March 24, 2014

A cold sprint

I talked to Charro a little more about the group that she's starting.  She's going to keep me in the loop.  She said that it wouldn't start until May, which would actually work for me.  The only issue would be that I would have to move my Monday sesh to Wednesday, which is an issue because I'm not in town on Wednesdays.  Hmm, a phone sesh maybe?  We'll have to figure it out.  She thinks the group will be good for me because she thinks it will teach me how to talk better.  We shall see.  I'm willing to try.  I said, "What if I hate it?"  She told me that I could leave if I did.

I didn't work out today, minus my sprint with 1000 layers on and a backback to the subway, and then once again when I got off the subway to get to Charro's office.  I was three minutes late, which was amazing given what time I left work.  

I just got tired.  I have to make lunch to take with me tomorrow and I don't really have anything good.  Well, I don't have anything good at all.  I also forgot to buy milk, so breakfast is going to suck too.  Blah!

I need to watch The Following and then go to bed.  I love that show!

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