Friday, February 21, 2014

Starting to feel crappy

Not only did my sesh really suck, actually, it didn't suck, it just had a few moments of "holy shitness," I think I'm getting sick too.  I keep coughing and my head feels pretty heavy.  I hope I don't wake up feeling like crap.

Did I mention how I'm so not looking forward to lunch with Charro on Monday?  I thought so.  She was initially going to email me the order so I could call it in because she can't, but now I think she's pushing back our sesh so she can go down and get it herself.  I was like, "What, you don't trust me?"  I wouldn't trust me either! :)  She said she'd let me know what the plan is.  Awesome.  Fun times.

Next week I have to take my cat for blood work.  I'm nervous about that.  His liver levels were elevated in November, which is why we're going back.  He's so stinking cute and I know he's 17, but I can't bare to think of him getting sicker.

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