Sunday, February 16, 2014


I do not love spin class, but I took one this morning because one of my friends was going to be there.  I think it's a good workout, but I just get bored in there and it's not great for my hip, so I don't do it.  Well, I got a good workout, which is good.  I sweat a lot, which is also good.  Let me clarify, I did not get a good workout because I sweat a lot, I got a good workout because I got my heart rate up and I burned a lot of calories.  I love when people equate sweating with a good workout.  Of course I'm going to sweat a lot, I'm in a tiny room packed with moving and breathing people.  My hip feels fine (for now) so that's good too.

Tomorrow is Charro.  I think next week is when she's planning our lunch date.  I think that idea came to her because I told her about the dream I just had where my T made me eat lunch with her at a restaurant.  So, I think I partially put that idea in her head.  It was either that or the fact that I told her that I probably don't eat as well as I think I do.  Oh well, the most nerve wracking part will be seeing what she picked out, oh yeah, and drinking a freaking calorie filled drink.  I forgot about that part. :(  Oh well.  I will not enjoy that at all  Oh and she goes, "I'll be drinking water!"  Thanks Charro.

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